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About SPPA


Rod Ellis


Ann Blyth

Vice President

June Curtis


Corine Reid


Sid Greener

Member at Large

We encourage our members to reach out to us for any questions, concerns, or volunteer positions you may be interested in. 

Governing Document


The mission of Saanich Peninsula Pickleball Association (SPPA) is to facilitate the growth of pickleball for all ages and cultivate an environment that promotes enjoyment, health, and social interaction for both recreational and competitive players.


  • To organize and support recreational and competitive play.

  • To advocate for pickleball courts within our communities.

  • To arrange social events for players at least twice a year.

  • To provide ongoing service and support to our members.

  • To foster a culture of fair play and cooperation among players and the community.

  • To continue to work with Sidney Council and Staff to explore locations for courts in that community and follow up with fundraising.

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